San Telmo Today

History and Modernity mingle in San Telmo. The eclectic soul of this neigbourhood allows us to experience both intense quietness and agitation.

The weekend is the best moment to walk around: street performers, artisans, exquisite coffee and pastries and both local and international food host every visitor.

The Sunday antiques fair offers glasswork, embroidery works, silverware, silver craftworks, ancient clocks, furniture, clothing, jewelry, toys, etc.

There are over 40 antique stores, 75 clothing, design and decoration shops, banks, laundries, a dozen book stores, 15 museums, over 30 art galleries, 3 Cultural Centres, pubs, bars, live shows, independent theaters, “milongas” and the traditional San Telmo Food market, offering top quality food and beverage.

San Telmo holds the key to many of Buenos Aires most renowned “tanguerías” such as the traditional “Viejo Almacén”, once property of the famous tango composer and performer Edmundo Rivero, in the Corner of Independencia Ave. and Balcarce St. or the bar called “Sur” (Spanish for south cardinal point) located in Balcarce St., which was also the first “tanguería” built as such in town back in 1967. Casablanca, La Cumparsita and Michelángelo are also worth mentioning.

Today many “tanguerías” offer their tango clases in San Telmo: the Torcuato Tasso Cultural Centre, opposite to Lezama Park also opens as a ballroom with a live tango orchestra.

And another highlight is the comfort that possesses today the neighborhood in what refers to the rapid transit and easy access to any point of the city.

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San Telmo