How was it like to live in Buenos Aires back in th 19th Century? It was a small town. The centre resembled most European main cities, with typical urban buildings.

Outside town, in the countryside, there were a few estancias, many huts and a particular construction: a very large house, almost a mansion in colonial style architecture called “caserón”.

Most “caserones” have been demolished over a century ago. Eventhough the memory of this elder times have been inmortalized in masterpieces as those created by Eduardo Sívori or León Pallière or in famous books as “Amalia”, by José Mármol.

San Telmo was, at that time, located in the countryside. In the 19th Century, this large house, once standing in San Fermín street –today Carlos Calvo- belonged to a reputed aristocratic, Buenos Aires family that took part in the political developement of the country. Such family would inhabit either their house in San Telmo, their villa in Recoleta or their country house in San Isidro.

The House
San Telmo